Techcrunch UK: TweetMinster Wire taps into UK politics

" have launched a free Adobe AIR Twitter client that lets users track, follow and engage around UK politics in real time. ... It also hooks in The Guardian’s Open Platform API to add context to the stats; by accompanying tracked topics with news, users can see why a topic peaked on a specific day by seeing its references within those days’ articles." Guardian Data Store: threat to ONS or its saviour?

Simon Dickson calls on public sector bodies to do better at releasing their information, or risk letting the Guardian do it for them: "I'm simply warning of the uncomfortable position where an outside entity - indeed, in this case, one with an explicit political slant - becomes the gatekeeper to (supposedly) pure statistical data."

Guardian: Guardian launches Open Platform service to make online content available free

"The Guardian today launched Open Platform, a service that will allow partners to reuse content and data for free and weave it "into the fabric of the internet". ... A content application programming interface (API) will smooth the way for web developers to build applications and services using Guardian content, while a Data Store will contain datasets curated by Guardian editors and open for others to use."

Micro Persuasion: Three Ways the Media is Innovating with New Interfaces

"If you want a glimpse of what's next for media then you need to really look to the editorial side of the house. As we've seen, that's where all the innovation is happening these days - and its changing how we engage with content. Here a look are three promising approaches and their potential implications."

Online Journalism Blog: Adding value to the archives: mashes up NYT real estate articles

"Want to know the value of opening up your article databases and APIs? Suburbified is one of the first mashups created using the New York Times’ recently opened API. ... [The] NYT now has a new way for people to find its articles, and a new source of traffic for its archives."

NPR: Clean Content = Portable Content

"Most content management systems for the online world are used to create Web pages. That said, the Web page is just one possible output for the content (albeit, an important one). In building our CMS at NPR, our goal was to make sure the tool could publish to anything, including If our focus did not consider other platforms, we could have ended up with a Web publishing system that binds the content too closely to the Web site itself."