Advertising Age: AOL Cracks Web Publishing — Sans Time Warner

"The model goes something like this: Find a vertical with an audience attractive to advertisers, brand it (Daily Finance, Asylum, Lemondrop, Politics Daily), hire five to seven people to run it and plug in AOL's traffic fire hose. Repeat. They're the antithesis of the kind of quality standards Time Inc. and Condé Nast tout, relying largely on aggregation, blogging and traffic-goosing tricks such as provocative slide shows. But unlike the print publications trying to port their cost structure to the web, these publications can be cash-positive from the start."

Silicon Alley Insider: Here Comes The AOL Blog Rollup (TWX)

"Despite the [recent acquisition of Patch Media and Going Inc], AOL has mostly grown its publishing business organically, rapidly launching and ramping up sites like Politics Daily and Daily Finance in a matter of a few months. (The company is now regularly hiring high-end journalists, such as its recent hire of media writer Jeff Bercovici for Daily Finance.) Meanwhile, TMZ, its home-brewed entertainment news site, has been a hit, too, recently breaking the news (and leading coverage) of Michael Jackson's death."

BBC iPlayer launch date set

The BBC’s much-delayed on-demand broadband service is to launch on 27 July, the Corporation announced this morning. The iPlayer software, which is currently being beta-tested by 15,000 people, will be available for download from the BBC site, and will allow UK-based viewers to download a programme. Once downloadeed, they will be available to watch for up [...]