Interview: Dean Singleton, AP Chairman: Setting ‘The Rules Of Engagement’

Dean Singleton, tells Staci Kramer: "I think our industry has been very timid about protecting our content, probably because we’ve done so well in the past few years that we didn’t recognize that misappropriation is as serious an issue as it is. As we’re now relooking at business models, it’s become clear that we must protect the rights of our content. ... We perhaps have been timid about enforcing [those rights]. No more."

The Australian: Google dubbed internet parasite by WSJ editor

"Companies that aggregate mainstream media content without paying a fee are the "parasites or tech tapeworms in the intestines of the internet" and will soon be challenged, Robert Thomson, the Australian-born editor of The Wall Street Journal has warned. ... Thomson said it was 'amusing' to read media blogs and comment sites, all of which traded on other people's information.'They are basically editorial echo chambers rather than centres of creation, and the cynicism they have about so-called traditional media is only matched by their opportunism in exploiting the quality of traditional media,' he said."

Howard Owens: Why nobody clicks on your home page links

"... newspaper.coms are foolish to let aggregation sites such as Topix display all of their headlines and leads. Topix is in the business of creating a substitute home page for your community news. ... Compare Topix, however, to a site like Google News. Google News drives a significant amount of traffic to news sites. Why? Because it has one primary purpose: to drive traffic to news sites." Editors’ Blog: Archived content and RSS feeds: The NewsNow problem

"As part of a series on, the site published a piece yesterday from February 23 1972 headlined ‘IRA kills 7 in raid on Paras’ English base’. On the site we can see it’s from the archive and the date it was first published, but sites such as, which aggregate news headlines from RSS feeds, don’t make the distinction." Editors’ Blog: OMC09: Levies for aggregators?

"Interesting suggestion from National Union of Journalists (NUJ) general secretary and Oxford Media Convention panellist, Jeremy Dear, that content aggregators should be subject to levies. ... Speaking to, Dear said the idea is discussed in a report set for release next week, which focuses on public service broadcasting."

E-Media Tidbits: Silobreaker: From News to Meaning via the Semantic Web

"Lately, I've been intrigued by Silobreaker. This Europe-based news aggregator site demonstrates how 'Semantic Web' technology can help make news more relevant -- and thus, more compelling and useful. This is pretty important because, since relevance has inherent value, it can be the basis of business models."