Online Journalism Blog: Guest post: visualising mobile phone data – the data retention app

"It’s not very often that one can follow the direct impact of an article, let alone a piece of data journalism. But the visualization of the cellphone data of Malte Spitz from the Green party in Germany led to visible repercussions in the US. Following a piece in the New York Times about Spitz and the data app, some days ago two senators wrote a letter to the 4 main US-carriers for information about their data retention policy."

2 thoughts on “Online Journalism Blog: Guest post: visualising mobile phone data – the data retention app

  1. American Media Distribution – A sign of the times.
    I thought you and your readers might want to hear about this one.
    I received an odd email that turned out to be an interesting job offer. It seems there is a company that is changing the way freelance journalists get jobs. They have a nationwide network of reporters that they dole out event coverage to when they receive an order from a national magazine or news bureau. Instead of the magazine sending an in-house reporter out to cover an event or story they cal one of their reporters in their nationwide network to go cover it locally so it cuts down the travel expenses for the magazine. They are kind of a “Freelancer” temp agency, or freelancer agent. I though I would tell you about them because I made a bit of money already covering a couple of event for them and thought it was very interesting and a sign of the recession laced times we reporters are living in here in the states.


  2. Sorry for typo’s in previous post. Long day and a malfunctioning

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