From the Sunday Times:

A SENIOR Tory strategist revealed yesterday that he leads a double life as Britain’s leading organiser of upmarket sex parties.

By day Dougie Smith, 41, is the respectable co-ordinator of Conservatives for Change (Cchange), the influential Tory think tank …

However, by night Smith runs Fever Parties, a London-based organisation that hosts “five-star” orgies for swingers.

The revelation that Smith is promoting orgies will anger those on the traditional wing of the party. It will also test to the limit the social liberalism of the modernising Tories that Cchange represents.</blockquote>

I wonder how Anne Widdecombe feels about this.

Update:Duh. That’ll teach me not to skim things before blogging them. Sloppy, sloppy:

Ann Widdecombe, the former shadow home secretary, said: “For those who wonder if the modernising agenda of Cchange is going too far, this is precisely the sort of thing that gives cause for that wonder.</p> (Merci, M. le Prof. Twice.)