It’s been a tough week, and blogging has had to take a back seat. So just some links.

Eddie Vedder continues to rock. Many papers picked up an AP story that pointed out that “dozens” of fans — later clarified as about 75 — walked out on Pearl Jam’s first 2003 U.S. concert in Denver, after Vedder’s anti-Bush antics during the transparently political song “Bu$hleager.” As several bloggers have noted, if only 75 out of the 19,000 people at the show walked out (during the encore), that should be the story!

I’m glad to see that Tapped also thinks that the elite-free military is an important issue, and that Matthew Yglesias got a job that I also once aspired to. I can think of nobody more worthy. Will this lead to the de facto merger of two of the best liberal blogs?